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Hamptons Landscaping

In The Hamptons, the natural beauty of our environment provides us with exceptional privilege and opportunity.  We can create outdoor living spaces that become private shelters away from the stress of our everyday world.


As the owner of Johnny Evergreen Landscape Design & Construction, my passion is building landscapes that extend the beauty of our stunning East End environment into your own personal setting through functional design and native plant selection.  Whether you are searching for quiet simplicity or impressive elegance, Johnny Evergreen provides numerous hands-on, sensible and personable landscaping services you can depend on.

Container Plantings

Container Plantings are a great way to enhance any outdoor area - a deck or pool patio, a front entry or just about anywhere you want to add beauty.  Using a variety of annuals, perennials and tropicals, I've designed numerous containers that thrive in our unique Hamptons environment.


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